August 2018 I participated remotely in Re-excavations exhibition in CDEx UQAM, Montreal. The exhibition is a continuation of the research project, which started In Helsinki 2017 with DFA Shoji Kato and DFA Paul Landon. The participants work with certain place together, creating individual artworks for the exhibition.

Re-excavation reflects on archaeological methods of unearthing and digging up. With this exhibition project it is the urban landscape that is re-dug up. The present and past city is reconsidered, what has been found repurposed for its future. Urban space is uncovered, expanded and upturned, interpreted as an abstract diagram, as material residue, as rumours of past usages and activities, as oral accounts and lived experience.

Montreal Crossing, 2018. Photo by Paul Landon.

The Re-exacavations exhibition with the works by Kévin Pividic, Pépite & Josèphe-Expédition, Paul Landon, Shoji Kato and Marjatta Oja


During 2018 summer I have been participating the exhibitions in Sicily in the group called Collective Intelligence. At first In Dimora Oz ‘KaOZ’ (curated by Andrea Kantos) exhibition place in Palermo as collateral event of Manifesta 12 and secondly in ‘Growing A Language’ exhibition in Gibellina Sicily run by Fondazione Orestiadi.

Palermo Park 2018, photo by Francesco Cucchiara

Gibellina Ground 2018, photo by Egle Oddo