Projects: Local Energy & Solargenerator/Aurinkogeneraattori

LOCAL ENERGY  &  SMALL SCALE ENERGY                                                                         

in Lapinlahti old mental hospital 2017 Helsinki

Local Energy was an art event where artists look for alternative ways to view energy. The event spread across the Lapinlahti Venice-building and Park in Helsinki and it featured a low-energy art exhibition, reflecting on the experience of the place and body energy on artist-guided tours, and experiencing low-carbon performances where the public could participate in the production. Discussion sessions looked at energy from the perspectives of empathy, psyche and art.

Small Scale Energy (Pienenergia) Exhibition was dealing with human size energy. The selected art works didn’t consume energy more than their authors could produce. In other words, the works were human size and had been produced mainly for domestic space and use, often constructed by hand, as tools for private use. Being economically ‘unprofitable’ they have been left to develop in peace. In these works the artists, many of whom work on their art persistently without support, have preserved their innovations, ideas and dreams.

In the Small Scale Energy exhibiton Oja launched the Ajatus Archive (Archive of Thoughts), an on-going project for archiving artists’, thinkers’ and inventors’ ideas, which have emerged from the desire to improve our relation to our environment and nature. The archive consists of art works, projects and ideas that have not yet been presented, got enough attention, or people do not know about them. The first parts of the Ajatus Archive project was launched in Pienenergia exhibition.

more detailed information in the programme:


Thu Aug 24, 12 am-10 pm

PIENENERGIA art exhibition

Art works by Antti Maasalo, Egle Oddo, Kristina Sedlerova and Justin Tyler Tate.

Ajatus archive (Archive of Thoughts).

Compiled by Marjatta Oja.

* Venetsia building, 1st floor, 12am-10 pm.


Artists and scholars will tackle the topic of energy from various angles, from those of emphaty, psyche and art making. The language of the panel is Finnish.

1.00 pm – Lapinlahden Lähde

1.15 pm – Introductions

Petri Ruikka, Mari Keski-Korsu and Maarit Laihonen: Regenerative Notes – Reflecting and Developing Empathetic Practices in Post-Fossil World

Riikka Stewen and Mikko Salmela: Psyche and Energy

Hanna Johansson and visual artist Katarina Reuter: Everyday energy need

3.30 pm – Coffee break & Performance “Ark of Seeds – Arboretum Corporis” by Egle Oddo

4.30 pm – Panel discussion, moderated by Hanna Johansson.

* Venetsia building, 2nd floor, 1 pm-6 pm.


The artists transport two spectators at a time in a mobile pinhole camera (camera obscura) attached to a moving bike. The landscape of the route is projected for the spectators to view in 3D and in color, without using any electricity.

* Departures in front of Venetsia building, 6 pm-10 pm


What does the annual consummation of electricity in a flat in Helsinki sound like? In a sound artwork commissioned by Local Energy art event, musicians interpret the consummation graphics of electrical energy and produce four variations of them with the least possible energy. The live performance takes its final form in collaboration with the audience.

Seppo Kantonen, oration, walking, iPad

Arttu Partinen, cassette deck and effects

Liisa Nassir Tolonen, production

* Performances at 6.30 pm & 8.30 pm (duration 50 min)

Free admission to all events – Welcome!

Organised by Local Energy workgroup.

Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and City of Helsinki.

In partnership with Lapinlahden Lähde.



Art and Energy at the Staffas Gallery in Porvoo 2013

In the Solargenrator exhibition were shown the works relating to renewable energy, experimental technology and innovative ways.

The starting point for the exhibition was our observation that artists often use technology in an imaginative or wrong way. This means that they by mistake sometimes come upon new uses for appliances, which were originally meant for something completely different. Artists also create alongside the mainstream or in the margins ways of doing things and come up with technological, social and ecological suggestions.

The core of the exihibiton was a large body of sun-related works by emeritus professor Lauri Anttila. These were shown on the upper floor of the Staffas Gallery. One of the starting points for Anttilas exhibition was Games with the Sun’s rays (Leikkejä Auringon säteillä) which was originally shown in the Jugendhall in Helsinki in 1991. For the Solargenerator exhibition Anttila had created a replica of this with variations. Also other conceptual works by Anttila related to the magic and physical power of the sun using different methods and media were shown. The earliest of these was the photo series The Power of the Sun (Auringon voima)from 1971, with pictures taken at the Helsinki Botanical Gardens. The newest work 9 Pictures of the Sun (9 kuvaa auringosta) was from the same year 2013.

The artists and designers of the exhibition were:

Lauri Anttila, Niran Baibulat, Anders Bergman, Petri Eskelinen, Päivi Jääskeläinen, Asko Keränen, Isa Kukkapuro & Henrik Enbom, Antti Maasalo, Tuula Närhinen, Marjatta Oja, Paula Salmela, Nestori Syrjälä and Marianna Uutinen.

The exhibition was open 1.-31.7.2013 tue-sun 11:00 – 18:00.

The Solarpanel discussion

Before the exhibition was opened there was a discussion related to its themes on Saturday 29.6.2013 at 16:00. The purpose was to start a conversation on among others geological time, the technologies of seeing and possibilities of co-operation between alternative energy and art. The discussion was started by the philosopher Antti Salminen, who spoke on the topic: Back to the Sun – the meaning of the end of oil and by the art historian and one of the curators of the exhibition Hanna Johansson, who spoke about heliofilic art. After these opening statements the discussion continued as a panel.

On Sunday 7.7.2013 between 12:00 – 15:00 a workshop on Solar cookers were organized in the Staffas Gallery. The workshop was lead by Taina Maikola, from Technology for life (Tekniikka elämää palvelemaan)(

More information from the curators and the websites:

Hanna Johansson (planning, curator)

Marjatta Oja (planning, curator)

Kirsi Reinola (production, documentation)

Paula Salmela (planning, curator)


Contacts to Staffas:

The texts, press pictures and CV’s of the artists can be found at: